Congratulations to our September Pet of the Month – Gunner!

Gunner is a 4 month old puppy from Alabama! His owners were so happy to find Gunner after learning about his breeder from a family friend that purchased a puppy from them previously. Gunners favorite thing to do with his owner are go on the hiking trails, or play at the dog park!

Gunner is still eating puppy food but when he gets to have treats, he is obsessed with bully sticks! He has 2 favorite toys; a blue and orange stuffed duck and a grey tennis ball with a smiley face! Gunner loves his family and other dogs and is always so playful and happy.

Gunner can be a handful sometimes when he does not get his exercise every day! Luckily, his owners know this, so they make sure to include him in everything and make sure he gets out and about every day.

At 4 months, Gunner can sit and give his paw for treats. He is also the fastest member of the family already. It may not be a superpower, but he can cry and bark forever to get his way!
Gunners human best friend is 7 year old Derek Ross. They have been inseparable since the day Gunner arrived. Gunner never leaves his side.

His best dog friends are Zina and Milo who he spends most his weekends with, playing and wrestling in the yard. Gunner has not had a birthday yet, but we think he will be the life of the party at his 1st birthday party!