Congratulations to our October Pets of the Month – Daisy and Shadow!

Daisy and Shadow were adopted 2 years apart from BARKS. Shadow is a 12 year old Russian Blue and Daisy is a 10 year old Maine coon mix. Both cats love to sleep. Daisy has a favorite chair, while Shadow prefers to be on someone’s lap.

Daisy’s favorite toy is a laser pointer and Shadow loves cardboard boxes. Their favorite foods are cat treats, ham, tuna, and shrimp. Daisy’s best friends are her human siblings, Claire and Bobby. Shadow’s best friends are Bobby and his mother Kathi.

Daisy had her name at the shelter, and it fit her so well her family kept it! She is just as sweet as a daisy. Shadow’s name was Montana but when we went home he followed his mom around everywhere she went, just like her little shadow. Both kitties have a lot of nicknames. Shadow is also known as the Grey Bullet (because he darts around the house so fast) and Jerk. Daisy is also known as Fluffy, Stinker, and Brat. Both cats are spoiled and love their toys and their catnip.