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Nutritional Information

At American Animal Hospital, we want to make sure that your pet’s needs are being met in every aspect. Just like you, nutrition is of the utmost importance. Our veterinarians will discuss with you what type of food is most beneficial for your dog or cat. As pet’s get older, their nutritional requirements change from when they were a growing furball. Obesity is a large problem these days as 53.8% of dogs are considered overweight. When diets aren’t well balanced, not only can it lead to obesity, but it can lead to GI issues as well as skin ailments as well. We can provide you with recommendations on the right food and supplements to keep your pet in tip-top shape inside and out. We know what our doctors tell us about being overweight, so we shouldn’t allow it to be acceptable for our pets. Our veterinarians can create a customized meal plan to shed those extra pounds and get your pet back to healthy! Take a look at the chart below and see where your pet’s rank!

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