Our June pet of the month is a two for one!

Trixie and Molly were adopted through Rescue Dogs Rock but originally come from Louisiana. Mom and dad love to snuggle with them and they think their favorite thing to do is snuggle too! Trixie and Molly love to give kisses, get scratches, treats and love to steal socks, even though they know they shouldn’t!
Trixie and Molly love peanut butter, yak sticks and like to keep it healthy with fruits and vegetables. The only thing they’ll destroy are stuffed toys and like any sibling, like to go after the same toy, even if they have a double. They don’t have a mean bone in their body and greet everyone they with lots of wiggles and kisses.

Mom and dad love their personalities! Trixie is known to grab the closest thing to her and bring it right to you when you get home, even if its bigger then she is! Molly loves to run and see you when you come home but prefers to give you her little butt for some nice scratches instead of giving you a toy! They both love to snuggle up at night and try and push mom and dad off the king bed so they can get more room.

Rescuing Molly and Trixie was the best thing that every happened to their family. They feel so lucky to have them in their lives and love them with all their hearts!