Congratulations to our June Pet of the Month – Ivy!
Ivy came from an AKC recommended breeder. She is a Fox Red Labrador and comes from a champion bloodline of hunting dogs. Although she comes from a family of hunters, she loves to be a cuddle bug!

She is always around her family whether they are going on long walks, cuddling on the couch, or out on the boat. Her favorite activities include walking on the beach, playing frisbee, and digging in the garden.

Her favorite toy is her puppy stuffed animal and her favorite food is doggie ice cream. She has many best friends including Jaq, Capone, and Roxy.

Ivy has the superpower of melting your heart with her cuteness and she will retrieve anything you throw for her. She is also shy and polite with strangers and new dogs, but soon she becomes affectionate and playful. When Ivy celebrates her birthday after Christmas this year, her family is going to have a party with her puppy friends with doggie ice cream and treats🐾