Cam is a Yellow Labrador and came from Germantown, NY – he was an 8 week, 12 lb bundle of energy. He was one of two males in a litter of 10. He was the runt of the litter and the first one out of the whelping box. He is now 7 ½ yrs. old and a big boy at 93 lbs!

Cam loves to take walks in the park and meander off the trail and smell every leaf and branch. He has an incredible nose! He particularly looks forward his daily 6 a.m. walk in the park with his canine friends – a Yellow Lab, Gigi, and a Pug named Dexter.

Cam loves to eat with us and dinner time is his favorite time of the day! He has many favorite foods (he’s a Lab!), but Costco chicken (no skin!) is a favorite. He loves to pick up one of several paper plates that belong to him and carry it to us for a snack.

Cam’s Mom says that mealtime can get busy because he will keep bringing them plates!

We think that Cam’s personality is very unique (as every pet parent does!). He is a gentle giant who is sweet, fun loving, mischievous and sensitive. He is a certified pet therapy dog and has been doing visits to various facilities for 4 ½ years. He loves to meet and greet people as well as other dogs and feels everyone wants to meet him (sadly, that’s not always the case). Very early on we named Cam “The Greeter”. No matter where he is, there is an expectant look in his eyes, a smile, a tail wag as he eagerly looks to meet people. It is his calling.

Our favorite thing about Cam is his sweet and loving personality, his unending loyalty and love topped off with the most soulful brown eyes.