Congratulations to our January Pet of the Month – Otis!

Otis was adopted by his loving family in 2013. He was originally named Snoopy but his family loves the movies “Milo and Otis” and “Animal House,” so they decided Otis would be a better fit for him.

Otis loves to go for walks with his family so he can enjoy all the smells nature has to offer him! His favorite toy is his squeaky Kong tennis ball that he loves to play fetch with outside! When he’s not going on walks with his family, playing fetch, or spending time with his Swiss Mountain Dog sister Olive, he’s taking naps on the couch.

On his birthday, Otis gets extra spoiled! He gets special treats like doggy ice cream and gets extra love and attention. His family’s favorite thing about him is his sweet face and eyes. Even though it’s rare, they love when he howls too!

Otis’s super powers are hearing and smell, but he’s also very good at playing keep up with a balloon and he’s a great soccer goalie! Otis’s family thinks he is the perfect family dog especially because he loves being with them at all times.