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At American Animal Hospital, our team of 4 veterinarians has over 70 years of combined experience performing surgeries. They all have completed advanced dental and surgical training and are capable of providing safe surgical procedures resulting in minimal discomfort for your pet. We also carefully screen your pet prior to surgery to make sure that your pet is healthy for anesthesia. We make an anesthetic plan that is tailored to your pet by taking into account their breed, age, previous medical history, and the procedure being performed. All patients, when under anesthesia, have a dedicated technician to monitor them. Along with being right by your pet’s side the entire time, your pet will be monitored by state of the art monitoring machines that record the heart rate, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, EKG, and ETCO2. Surgery procedures are typically done as outpatient procedures so you’ll be picking them up later in the afternoon/early evening. Your pet will receive pain medication prior to their procedure as well as have medication dispensed upon discharge.

Our Surgical facilities include:

  • A fully equipped surgical suite capable to perform most types of soft tissue and orthopedic
  • A fully-trained veterinary and technical nursing staff to ensure the safest, most efficient state of the art procedures for your pet
  • EKG, blood pressure, ETCO2, and oxygen saturation monitors
  • Heat supportive to keep them warm and toasty!
  • Monitored sterilization techniques to verify sterilization is complete

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