Congratulations to our February Pet of the Month – Gaston!

Hi, my name is Gaston and I am a 14 year old cocker spaniel. I was born in a puppy mill in Pennsylvania and sold in a local pet store. Boy I was a lucky pup my mom came by that day and fell in love with me. I came home to brothers and sisters and some of them were very strange. They meowed!! But they love me and I love them. Mom says we are all family!! I used to like running around and chasing squirrels, but I snapped my ACL and have developed arthritis so I have to settle for walking. I especially like taking a walk with mom…just me and mom!

I also love hanging out with all my stuffed toys. I have so many mom made me a toy box. My favorite toy is my girlfriend Lamb Chop! Mom will only let us eat healthy dog food EXCEPT…in the summer we get a very special treat. My brother, sister, and I get a vanilla Dairy Queen. Last summer we got two…we were really good puppies. My mom loves me so very much because I always get lots of attention, back rubs, scratches, and hugs. She makes sure I get to the groomer so I look nice and my mohawk is perfect. Mom loves my little tail because I can’t stop wagging it because I am so happy. I love my mom and she loves me…paws down I’m her favorite!

Thank you American Animal Hospital for picking me to be the Pup of the Month and thank you for taking such good care of me!!

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