Our very own Dr. Brian Voynick was featured in New Jersey Monthly discussing alternative therapies for pet care. “Finding New Roads to Health With Alternative Pet Therapies

Dr. Brian Voynick, a veterinarian, remembers treating a dog named Milkshake, who suffered from numbness and full paralysis in his hind limbs. For months, the 4-year-old bichon frise had been unable to walk, leaving him to drag himself around with his front legs. He couldn’t empty his bladder without assistance, either. Discussions regarding what to do about Milkshake were grim; euthanasia was a distinct possibility.

Milkshake had been treated with a high-dose steroid regimen, but had not improved. In fact, he was experiencing adverse side effects from the medication. It was too late for surgery, but Voynick offered the dog’s owner an alternative. He suggested acupuncture.

“She looked at me like I had two heads,” says Voynick. He couldn’t make any guarantees, but had had good results using acupuncture to treat certain dogs in similar situations before. Voynick encouraged Milkshake’s owner to try it for two weeks. If the treatments didn’t improve Milkshake’s quality of life, Voynick acknowledged, it would be necessary to euthanize the dog. The owner dried her tears and agreed it was worth a try.

Four treatments later, Milkshake had regained partial mobility in his hind legs. Within a month, the dog was able to walk and run again. “You couldn’t discriminate that dog from my dog or any other dog,” says Voynick.

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