Congratulations to our August Pet of the Month – Wesley!

Wesley was rescued from St Hubert’s shelter. He is a mix of more than 4 different breeds!
His parents don’t officially know Wesley’s birthday, as he was a rescue. So instead they celebrate the day he was adopted with a big treat!

His name was Wesley when they adopted him and it suited him so well that they kept it!

His favorite food is carrots. Anytime he sees one he starts to drool instantly! Wesley’s favorite toy is his stuffed dumbo elephant. He carries it with him everywhere and is very gentle with it. His favorite hobby is looking out the windows and watching the bunnies run around outside in the yard.

The best thing about Wesley is that he is a total cuddle monster! He will sit or lay on you all day every day if he could. He is also mischievous! He can escape from anything! A locked crate, a fence, you name it he can get out! He can also jump extraordinarily high!

Wesley’s favorite activity are going to the beach and hiking. He loves to take a dip in the creeks he comes across and he adores the smells on the paths! His favorite napping spot is out on the deck. He loves to watch the people walk by. His aunt KS is his best friend! He loves when she gets home from school and can play with him.