The gentle, respectful family atmosphere at American Animal Hospital instantly puts pets and their owners at ease. We have genuine interest in your pet's well being and are gratified by the trust our patient families place in us.


Meet Our Staff


  • Dr. Brian T. Voynick - Director
  • Dr. Christine Stockmal - Associate
  • Dr. John Ammeraal - Associate
  • Dr. Lori Mills - Associate


  • Janice Papa - Practice Manager


  • Mary Confer-  Head Receptionist
  • Kate O'Connor - Receptionist
  • Abbie Liehr - Receptionist
  • April Waruingi - Receptionist
  • Madeline Phillips - Receptionist
  • Farrah Shokouhi - Receptionist


  • Ginny Keyes - Head Veterinary Technician
  • Meagan Hennessy - Veterinary Technician
  • Jaclyn Wiener - Veterinary Technician
  • Krista Schaefer - Veterinary Technician
  • Adrienne Sauer - Veterinary Technician
  • Nicole Timpanaro - Veterinary Technician
  • Rachel Marston - Veterinary Technician
  • Christopher Oliveira - Veterinary Technician


  • Jennifer Waldock - Kennel Manager
  • Brittany Lisa - Kennel Attendant
  • Amanda Ostella - Kennel Attendant
  • Jennifer DeDeo - Kennel Attendant

Doctor Bios

Brian T. Voynick, D.V.M., C.V.A.

Dr. Brian T. Voynick is the owner and director of the American Animal Hospital. His fields of interest are in diagnostics medicine, endoscopy and alternative medicine. He is a renowned certified veterinary acupuncturist, with a special interest in chinese herbal medicine. Dr. Voynick's mastery of this remarkable healing art relieves pets' chronic pain to give them longer, happier lives. Clients and their pets find the treatments to be pain-free and relaxing.

He has served as chairman of the New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association Ethics and Grievance Committee as well as president of the Randolph Area Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Voynick enjoys hosting the Pet Stop on News 12 New Jersey and spending time with his friends and family.

"The Pet Stop" with Dr. Brian T. Voynick

Tune into News 12 New Jersey's "The Pet Stop" for a visit with Dr. Voynick. The show features stories about pet health care, with special guests from all parts of the animal kingdom, local shelters, and charity organizations. Please check your local listings for airing times of "The Pet Stop" on Saturdays and Sundays.

Dr. Christine Stockmal

Dr. Christine Stockmal is a graduate from Michigan State University, class of 1988 and has been an associate with the American Animal Hospital since 1990. Dr. Stockmal is a member of the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) and AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association). She has a cat named Maxi, and a dog named Ruby. Her philosophy of patient care is as follows... "I enjoy helping families keep their pets healthy from the beginning through the golden years. I enjoy soft tissue surgery, reproductive work and oncology. My favorite visits are new puppies and kittens where the whole family is along."



 Dr. Ammeraal is a 2007 graduate from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine.  He is a member of the NJVMA, AVMA and AAHA.  Prior to joining the American Animal Hospital team, he was employed at a 3-doctor small animal practice in Whippany.  Dr. Ammeraal's special interests include internal medicine and soft tissue surgery and dentistry.  He has 2 cats Abby and Penguin and his island dog Lia.  In his spare time he enjoys golf, fishing, hiking and working out.